POD Film Productions is both a production company and a creative agency.

Our award-winning documentaries have reached 300 million households in 200 countries, our live events films have covered world class performances from the Royal Albert Hall to Goma International Airport in the DRC. We've delivered promotional campaigns like the Coca-Cola/FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour of Africa, created motion graphics to showcase the growth and success of Best Western Hotels and delivered documentaries for in-flight entertainment on British Airways. We work with people like the CEO of Unilever, Paul Polman. High profile individuals, like Jude Law and Michael Caine, all the way to people who have never been in front of a film camera. We also work with countless NGOs, start-ups and microbusinesses.

We've never turned away a job for being too small and we've never had a challenge we haven't exceeded. Everyone has their own story to tell and more and more clients are choosing POD Film Productions to help tell it, from the first ideas around the narrative of their brand through to ensuring it reaches their target audience.